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Holly’s Garden Gm18

Gm18, or Geisenheim 18, is our most important clone for Pinot Noir Sparkling base. I was originally introduced to this clone by Rob Dolan in the early 1990’s. It has amazing acid retention and utterly beguiling aromatics, making it perfect for Blanc de Noir sparkling wine base.

This particular release is composed of three components; 1/3 from our Solar which we started in 2OO7, 1/3 2O13 base wine and 1/3 2O19 base wine. This base is all kept in large old puncheons with zero added sulphur, and gross lees, allowing the wine to acquire almond blossom nutty complexity and sourdough, autolysed umami texture. The wine was composed and triage bottled in the Spring of 2O19 and aged in bottle until disgorgement in February 2O24.

I’m extremely proud of this wine.



3 bottles $10 delivery

6 bottles $15 delivery

Dozen $20 delivery

3 bottles $150 + $10 delivery
6 bottles $300 + $15 delivery
Dozen $600 + $20 delivery