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Holly’s Garden Rosé Pétillant


The story

I have an enduring fascination with Champagne Rosé. From Billecart Salmon to Alfred Gratien, Larmandier Bernier to the flirtatious luxury of Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque, rosé Champagne has always been a wine of seduction and romance – in my heart at least.

The fruit from Holly’s Garden provides a fabulous opportunity to produce world-class sparkling wine, so it was only a matter of time before my passion for sparkling rosé found it’s way to a commercial release.

We’ve planted a vast number of clones, or cultivars, of pinot noir at Holly’s Garden, some with success and some not so impressive. A surprising and obscure standout has been Gm18 from Geisenheim. In my experience, it ripens significantly later than other pinot noirs and has delightful fruit flavours of white cherry and wild strawberry. It’s standout acidity has allowed me to produce a fuller-flavoured rosé in a pétillant style that is elegant and balanced.


The winemaking

Fruit was picked relatively ripe (for a sparkling wine) at 12.O baume, yet retaining in excess of 9.O g/L acidity. We crushed the fruit to macerate on skins for a few hours, to extract that beguiling pink hue along with just a hint of phenolic ‘crunch’. The must was then gently pressed into barriques for fermentation. The wine was left in barriques on gross lees for one year, prior to bottling by transfer method.

I love drinking rosé with great company and inappropriate conversation, and, or, as an accompaniment to fresh seafood.

“Wine has long been considered the liquid precursor to sensual pleasure. The skin-derived scents of certain wines replicate the smells of human pheromones, those tantric body scents said to excite sexual instinct.” – Max Lake

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